Accomodation (2015)

©I.M. Langvik: Kveldsstemning i Stavanger
Some prefer camping, while other prefer hotels. Here is a short list of suggested accommodation not too far away from the event.

Kongeparken Camping
5 min driving from event. 10 minutes to Sandnes, 25 minutes to Stavanger. This is the site that is also being lodging ROs and staff.

Hotels in Stavanger:
There are close to 80 hotels in Stavanger and Sandnes. We are not able to list them all here.

For those who wants to stay downtown Stavanger, we have teamed up with Victoria Hotel. You may use booking code "0508OCCN". This code is valid for a block of rooms held 4 weeks before event.
* Single room: NOK. 695.-/night incl. breakfast
* Double room: NOK. 895.-/night incl. breakfast
* Tripple room: NOK. 1095.-/night incl. breakfast