Invitation (2015)

© Ove Helleberg: "Sverd i fjell" at Møllebukta
Shooters and range officials are hereby invited to handgun match provisioned under IPSC handgun rulebook 2015 edition. Shooters must be in good standing as approved shooters within their home IPSC region. Range officials must be approved NROI or IROA officials, and officiating will be pending approval of MD.

The match will be held at S-SSLs range at Skurve/Haraland. GPS coordinates to the range are N58.744722º, E5.921944º. The address to the range is Skurvemarka, 4330 Ålgård, Gjesdal Kommune.

Main Match: August 8th and 9th, first shot at 09:00 CEST both days, meet at stage 08:45 at latest.
Pre match: August 6th & 7th (time is TBD, but assumed to be at 10:00 CEST), meet at the range 1 hour before.

In main match you will shoot 2/3 of the stages day 1, and the remaining 1/3 on day 2.

It will be possible to buy lunch both Saturday and Sunday. 

Match entry:
Entry fee to the match is NOK 600,-. Registration at ShootnScoreIt, you will remain in status pending until payment is OK at PayPal. Team fee is NOK 200,- per team.

Squadding is done by your own choice through Shoot'n Score It, when payment is done.

Registration will be at the range at the following times:
Friday August 7th: 18:00 - 19:00
Saturday August 8th: 07:30 - 08:30
Be prepared for documenting valid/paid membership in own club and region.

There is a big parking lot at ASKO, 150m from range. It is possible to drive up to entry area to drop of bags and fellow competitors. Match officials (and people with permission from MD) may park at range area at Gjesdal Skytterlags parking area. Directions will be signposted.

Attached is an invitation that may be used for border crossing. It is rarely needed, but just in case.

Terje Tessem,
Dec 26, 2014, 5:45 AM