What else

Both Stavanger and Sandnes are cities that may be fun to visit. Both at daytime to look at history and at night to visit the variety of restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. Please don't stay up too long nights before competing.


If you are fond of nature, a visit to Preikestolen (the Pulpit rock) or Kjærag-bolten (the Gravity-rock) may be of interest. Sola-strand and the beaches along the coast is also worth visiting.

The area has several rivers where you can rent access for fishing salmon.

Kongeparken is a family amusement park, targeted for the mid-aged children. The park is just 5 minutes drive from the event, just by the camping.

Norwegian Petroleum Museum (Norsk Oljemuseum) is located downtown Stavanger, and contains a lot of history of up- and down-sides of the Norwegian golden years as an oil nation.